Sunday, December 22, 2013

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

 I had to start the blog with a picture of Freyja, she is starting to feel the effects of old age, has developed a bit of a limp when she has been resting for too long.  
Well, it's almost Christmas - the years are flying by and I don't seem to be able to get anything done, I figure it's because I have a attained a high level of procrastination.
 Unnur, Jóhanna, Guðný and I had a weekend in Akureyri at the summer house that Jóhanna can rent through the pilots association - this is the third time that we have gone (or is it four), it's such a nice weekend of relaxing, eating, shopping and them knitting or doing other crafty things whilst I drink red wine....
 The Yule tide lads have arrived again.....   Mum, Unnur, Olga, Ross, Henry and Vicki will be spending Christmas with me.  At the moment Árni is perhaps going to keep up tradition and go to his ex to spend the evening with her and the kids.   I had to go to a meeting in Reykjavík last week, so I convinced Árni to come with me and drive the hire car.  It was great that he did as I do not enjoy driving in winter conditions - however, we really couldn't complain about the weather, it was so nice.
 The view over to Skagaströnd the sun seemed to be hiding behind the mountains.
 The view to the west fjords... so still so clear - so cold.
 Yesterday was mid winter soltice - the shortest day.....  of the year - which ofcourse means that the days are slowly getting longer... just a few minutes each day.
The moon was full and was shining in the eastern sky as we drove south.

In other news, there is a big storm forecasted for Christmas, arriving on Christmas Eve and probably not departing till after boxing day.  Maybe being stuck inside the house will inspire me to write a blog and post pictures from the festivities.

Love and hugs to you all this Christmas - twas extremely slack and wrote few cards.... Thank goodness Unnur is here to write the ones that did get sent.


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I like the word "indolence." It makes my laziness seem classy. ~Bern Williams

Was about to state the obvious about not having written here for a while...  

It's not as if nothing has been happening, or that life hasn't been good or bad or indifferent...   Sometimes it's just hard to find the inspiration to say something or share something about what is in fact the day to day existence of a not so interesting person.  

Having said that, I realise that each of us has a different life experience, and I know too that the majority of folk that visit this site are my family and friends and all they want to know is how things are.  Once, not so long ago, we wrote letters - in long hand- to one another.  Now, when I use a pen I get a pain in my wrist and find it hard to find inspiration to write to anyone about anything, it all seems so pointless, the news that  I send via snail mail is 2 weeks old...  and yet when I get a snail mail letter I am so happy and it goes into my mail drawer - to be kept till I die and some poor relative has to throw it all out...

I often  wonder about how much this technological age of ours is losing for future generations..  it's all electronic and snap chat, tweet texting, sms...   I remember seeing the time machine for the first time (takk Jómbi)  when he went into the future and the books became dust....  something about that really really touched me and has always been a worry for me.

I hate how reliant we are on electricity and now even more how reliant we are on digital technology.   Who has a radio that works on batteries in their house?  I know I am starting to sound like a mad case bunker builder... but still, I sort of still want to think that I could cope with a power cut that lasts longer than a day or two.... but I would not have a phone, nor radio, nor television... fridge and freezer depends on the time of year, even my natural hot water heating is dependent on electricity to pump the water up from the ground.

Goodness me, this blog post went to places I never intended it to go, but this has been on my mind for a while now so maybe I needed to vent it.

In other news, mum and Unnur are off to Paris ... they leave the Krók tomorrow, and off to Paris on Thursday back to Iceland on Sunday.

Freyja is getting old and probably arthritic, she limps every now and then - but doesn't seem to be in pain.  She is still the most indulged dog in the hood.

Christmas is coming and so we are allowed to indulge in lights all over the place..... The tree was lit last saturday, so so cold - but no snow - still twas nice to see so many down in the old town square.

Will put photos on that have probably nothing to do with the post - but hey - it's been months.......
 In Akureyri..  weekend away with Árni Maggi and Valborg

 Berlin... with me Árni, Bjössi and Rannveig
 Berry picking with my bestest sister...
 Berlin beer fest with Rannveig, Bjössi and Árni
 Alexanderplatz tv tower
 Amma and snotra...
 the cutest boy in town... Henry ...

This years Christmas tree.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while. ~Kin Hubbard

 What better way to start a blog than with my beautiful grand-nephew Henry - here sporting a "buff" hairstyle (a buff is a cylindrical piece of material worn as head cover by the younger generations in Iceland - protect the head and ears from the northerly winds)  Still the cutest.
 Summer has been a long time coming - at least with all the rain we have been having the plant life is blossoming.
 my favourites.
 The harbour is filling up - love this place.
 See how calm the harbour is .... so nice
 ducklings going out with the mums for a bit of a look see in the new harbour
 final touches to the foreshore.  I stood and watched for quite a while - it is amazing what these guys and machines can do.
 In other news, I have started my other job - afternoons from 13:00 to 19:00 the exhibition is of tradesfolk and artisans from the region.  The above is all about Jóhannes Geir a painter.
 Then there is Eyþór Stefánsson, composer, choir master, actor, director....
 and my all time favourite - Guðrún frá Lundi, she started writing her books at the age of 59, she wrote a total of 27 titles - one a year (except) 1968... or was it 69 - you will have to read the speel to see.
 One of her book covers.... "On home ground"
 A quote from one of her books "Drink your wine yourself, you will appreciate it more than I"
 Jón Viggó - our local Polar Bear, shot on Þveráfjall road (just north of town) in 2008, he was 22 years old, rather sickly and basically on his last legs.
 There was a concert in town (down on the harbour) in support of our local search and rescue teams.  The band travelled around the country by boat and held concerts in all major harbours.  All proceeds from the concert went to the local search and rescue.  They raised 1.2million kroner here.... great initiative and well done everyone for turning out in the drizzling rain!
 bit wet, lots of umbrellas but a great community feeling
 The cat... such a princess
 The dog - an even bigger princess
 Guy and Yvonne, my wonderful friends from Australia - who took the time out and spent the dosh to come and visit me here on the rock!  It was so nice having them here - I just hope that they enjoyed it half as much as I did!
 We went to visit some vikings.
 rather groovy little viking settlement in the next fjord to the east.  Guy got to taste whale meat.
 The we did the tourist thing and went to Goðafoss and Mývatn.
 trying to get closer to the waterfall
 Then Árni had dinner waiting for us when we got home - the sun was shining - a beautiful warm night so we were even able to eat outside - something that doesn't happen often.
 Guy and Yvonne - some people will always be friends...  I am certainly blessed with the friends that I have!
 Then it was time to check out the midnight sun... this is taken just after midnight.
 It didn't hurt that the moon was full - see how bright the night is!  Love this place.
 Oh, and a visit to Sauðárkrókur is made null and void if you don't check out the hanging/drying fish racks.
Just to keep you up to date on the progress of the river.... no more ditch - it all starting to take place, the tubes under the road will be hidden by a lovely rock wall...  that will happen in autumn.... they will remain to let the water flow but the steel will be hidden under rock.

Monday, June 24, 2013

 Yes, it has been a while... so we will start from my first night and week back in the Krók... Freyja... happy and eating - well sort of.  Had to change her dry food out as she was not happy with the pedigree stuff.... I think here she is saying - the food at Árni's was better....
 There was still snow in the hood when we came home... it was worse to the north and for a while there most were very concerned for the farmers and their lambs..  Luckily I can now say that summer has arrived and the worst was overcome.  However, there are many farmers that have had to plow their paddocks and re-seed so that they have a chance of having hay this autumn.
 had a bit of a get together here...
 Óli and Bjössi discussing the issues of the day.
 Then in other news - there is the small boat harbour.... my little pride and joy and one of the only things that I will really be proud about from my time in local council...  it will be amazing.
 these are from the early bits of construction - retaining walls being built.
 We have also been busy in the garden.. Árni has been really busy fixing things up..
 This is my new place of work -well this summer anyway.  I work here from 1pm to 7pm - tourist information and curator of an exhibition of local artisans...  I really really really like working here.
 more harbour.
 then there is the seamans festival... twas a good night.  - they look dour but they really are a friendly bunch
 and they play instruments
 and then there were speeches....
 and the next day we ended up taking three Brits to Drangey... I don't need to tell you that I didn't go up this time.
 I stayed and watched the birds
 and then we went home.... Kerlinginn... looking good
 Bjössi, Helgi Rafn and Árni entertaining Brit númeró eins... the head honcho (he buys fish from fisk seafood)
 the harbour starting to take form
 the first quays in place
 bringing in the old quay that will be used by the sailing club
 checking out the dock
 the mini dock
 a view from above
 Henry's B day!  Such a lovely lovely human being! (Olga too)
 the nanny, lang amma and dad.
 cakes and fruit salad... nothing can be better than that!
 So good - taking cakes to all..
 the dock
 the big dock in place.
 am very happy with my little harbour
peaceful and nice..... sometimes progress is ok.

Well, what can I say...   summer has finally arrived.  Had an amazing weekend - Hofsós mid summer festival Friday and Saturday night - working from 1pm on Sat and Sunday at the museum - so it was pretty full on - and so now finally on Monday night I am chilling and am going to go to bed a little earlier than in the last few days!

Mum is off on a trip to the east coast.  Here in Iceland there is a special fund for women that have worked in the home... it's a subsidised holiday, all organised and all inclusive and doesn't cost much.  My aunt Guja is going as well... I am sure that they will have a wonderful time - the weather is supposed to be better on the east coast for the next few days.

Next Saturday we are having a family gathering here in my garden, we are expecting some of the cousins from Reykjavik and Akureyri - am sure it will be wonderful.  On Sunday the small boat harbour will be officially opened.  Hopefully it won't be two months before i post about that.

Till then love and hugs to you all and especially Nicko and Mary on their engagement!!! xoxoxo